About Me

Top 3 Things I Hear from Business Owners Today about Marketing

  • It’s too Expensive
  • It’s too Confusing
  • It’s doesn’t work 

I’m here to tell you, you are right! Each day, marketing changes. There are thousands of people whose only goal is to move the money from your pocket to their bank account. Plus, they don’t know what they are doing.

It’s no wonder why you don’t like marketing and don’t trust anyone. 

That’s why I created RIGHT FOOT CONSULTING!

I promise I won’t sell you any MARKETING. Please think of me as your trusted advisor, like an attorney or CPA. I protect you from people that won’t make you money! In an advisory role, I will save you money and make sure you’re 100% in control, informed, and make the right decisions.

Why do I think I am qualified?

A little about me: I hold a marketing degree (pretty much worthless) and started my first company in 1996, a web development firm.

I’ve worked in radio and developed my writing skills to get people to act within 30 seconds. I’ve owned a full-service marketing agency and developed campaigns for print, TV, and social media for hundreds of clients.

I’m a writer, web developer, and video producer. I am a social marketing expert, have a firm grasp of SEO, and have designed and set up marketing automation for companies.

I’ve studied the greats! Know how everything works and can put anything you need together myself.

But I want to help as many business owners as possible, and I can’t build marketing and reach as many people, like you, if I do both.

I can provide reliable advice, backed by many years of experience, to ensure you’re working with the right people while protecting you from costly mistakes.